In recent years, embroidery has been in high demand not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. It has become one of the top 10 most popular outfits.

Since ancient times, vyshyvanka (embroidered blouse) is considered to be the embodiment of creativity and inspiration of the Ukrainian people. It is protection, a symbol of love and loyalty, purity and spirituality. During the period of its existence, vyshyvanka has undergone significant changes in design. It embraced contemporary fashion trends that made it so popular today. The changes were not only in fabrics, ornaments, color or style, but also in the purpose, usage and combination with other items of clothing. Despite the popularity of the vyshyvanka, few are familiar with the peculiarities of making and sewing the deeply symbolic garment for Ukrainians, which is the cultural and spiritual heritage of the whole nation.

Today we will lift the veil on processes embroidery goes through until you get the desired and unique thing that will give you pleasure and protect you from all evil.

The sacred content of ornaments is full of energy and includes symbols of health, longevity, love and wealth.

Design studio

What makes our brand special and unique is that we start with fabric production and finish with ready-to-wear garments. The experimental department is the center of creativity. The models for future collections are created here, in the imaginative team of designers and constructors. The production possibilities allow creative realization.

Everything starts with a sketch. Once it has been elaborated, it will be brought to life. After all the details of the design have been agreed the creative team selects the fabric, accessories and the embroidery style. Step by step, an experimental sample emerges. Later it will be a model for the whole production. The atmosphere is creative, relaxed and light. That is the key for creativity.

The experimental sample is evaluated by the technologists, then fitted on the model and, if necessary, changes are made to the patterns, embroidered elements or materials of which it is made.

Photo studio

The creative team has a photo studio. This gives you the opportunity to see everything from different angles in our online shop, fall in love with the product and buy it for yourself or as a gift.


1. Textile production

After warping room, the warp is passed to loom. The fabric, designed in special programs, is weaved here. Afterwards, we have raw, unfinished fabric. The capacity of our looms enables the production of 120,000 meters of fabric per month.

2. Finishing and Dyeing

Modern finishing equipment allows bleaching, stabilizing and dying fabric in accordance to customer’s needs and requirements. Dyeing can be performed in any color according to PANTONE palette. The fabric acquires additional properties and the desired color on modern equipment – stenter frame and jiggers.

3. Laboratory

Our own certified laboratory tests all raw materials at the input stage and checks the quality of the final product, and issues certificates of quality for each batch of products.

4. Quality control

We pay special attention to product quality. All processes are monitored. Our company is certified with quality control system according to the requirements of DSTU (National Standard of Ukraine) ISO 9001:2015

5. Cutting section

In the cutting section, the fabric is layered and cut according to the patterns provided by the designers. All cut parts are transferred to the embroidery section and to the sewing department.

6. Machine embroidery section

The most complex designs are brought to life on modern embroidery equipment in the shortest possible time.

7. Sewing department

In the sewing department, according to previously developed documentation (technological card), the details received from cutting and machine embroidery sections are sewn together and the finished product appears, ready for control, packaging and dispatch to the warehouse. Than to the store and straight into your hands!

The store

Edelvika offers exclusive clothing for the whole family, which can be ordered in a few clicks without leaving home or purchased in our on-site company store.


We are waiting for you in our company store at the address:

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