1. Terms of use of the website https://edelvika.com/en

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is an offer how to use the website https://edelvika.com/en (hereinafter – website), in the person of the website administration and a private person (hereinafter referred to as the User), and regulates the conditions for providing the User with information on the website.

1.2. The User of the website is any person who has ever made access to the website, and has reached the age admissible for the acceptance of this Agreement.

1.3. The User is obliged to read thoroughly this Agreement before the registration on the website. The registration of the User on the website means the complete and unconditional acceptance of this Agreement by the User. In case, the User doesn’t agree to the terms of the Agreement, his use of the website should be immediately terminated.

1.4. This Agreement can be amended and/or supplemented by the Administration of the website unilaterally without any special notice. These Rules are an open and public document..

1.5. The Agreement provides mutual rights and obligations of the User and the Administration of the website on the following issues:

How to use the website,

Privacy Policy,

Restrictions of the website Administration responsibility,

The order of the Agreement.

2. How to Use the Website

2.1. It is allowed to view and download information from our website https://edelvika.com/en exclusively for personal non-commercial use. It is forbidden to change the data of the website, distribute it for public or commercial purposes. Any use of information on other sites or in computer networks is prohibited.

2.2. When you register on the website and place an order, you agree to provide reliable and accurate information about yourself and your contact details. Online shop “Edelvika” keeps the right to post promotional offers on your contact number specified in the order.

2.3. When you register on the website, you receive the login and password. You are responsible for their security.

2.4. You may contact us when you have questions, claims, and wishes as to improvements or any other information. In this case, you are responsible that this application is not illegal, threatening, infringing copyrights, or discriminating people on any grounds, and it also does not contain any insult or otherwise violates the current legislation of Ukraine.

3. User’s Personal Data.

3.1. The website administration respects and responds to the confidential information of any person who visits this webpage. When a user accepts this Agreement, he agrees that certain information about him can be collected and used in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data” and the website policy on the protection of personal data. Besides, the user gives his consent that the website administration may collect, use, transmit, process and maintain the information associated with the user’s account in order to provide the relevant services.

3.2. The website administration shall collect only those personal data that are provided by the user voluntarily and in case of necessity to improve services to the Consumer.

3.3. The website administration collects as basic personal data such as name, surname, address and email address, and secondary (technical) data – cookies, connection information and system information.

3.4. The user agrees that the confidentiality of the data transmitted over the Internet is not guaranteed if access to these data is obtained by third parties outside the area of technical communications subject to the website administration. The website administration is not responsible for the damage caused by such access.

3.5. The website administration may use any information collected through the Internet site https://edelvika.com/en in order to improve the content of the website, its updating, the transmission of information to the user (upon request), for marketing or research purposes, as well as for other purposes which do not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine.

4. The Responsibility Limitation of Website Administration.

4.1. The website administration is not responsible for any errors, misprints or inaccuracies that may be found in the materials on this webpage. The website administration makes all necessary efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information on the website. All information and materials are provided on an “as it is” basis, without warranty of any kind, either obvious or implied.

4.2. Information on the webpage is constantly updated and can become outdated at any time. The website administration is not responsible for the receipt of outdated information from the website, as well as for the inability of the User to receive an update.

4.3. The website administration is not responsible for the sayings and opinions of website visitors that are left as comments or reviews. The opinion of the website administration may not coincide with the opinion and position of reviews and comments authors. At the same time, the website administration takes all possible measures to prevent the publication of messages that violate current legislation or moral standards.

4.4. The website administration is not responsible for any unlawful actions of the User regarding third parties or third parties regarding the User.

4.5. The website administration is not responsible for the User’s statements made or published on the webpage https://edelvika.com/en.

4.6. The website administration is not responsible for losses or expenses (real or possible) that arise from this webpage, its use or impossibility of use.

4.7. The website administration is not responsible for the loss of access to the Use’s account – the account at the website https://edelvika.com/en (loss of login, password or other information).

4.8. The website administration is not responsible for User’s incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect indication of his data when creating a User’s account.

4.9. In case you have problems with the use of the website https://edelvika.com/en , or you disagree with specific sections of the User Agreement; or if you receive inaccurate information from third parties, or offensive information, or any other inappropriate information, please refer to the website administration https://edelvika.com/en in order it can analyze and eliminate the relevant defects, limit and prevent the access to the website of the undesirable information, as well as, if necessary, to restrict or terminate obligations on providing the services to any user and client who intentionally violates provisions of the Agreement and the functioning of the website.

4.10. For the purposes of the foregoing, the Administration of the site reserves the right to delete the information posted on the Site and to take technical and legal measures to terminate access to the Users’ Site created according to the decision of the Administration of the site, problems in using the Site by other Users or Users who violate the requirements of the Agreement.

5. The Procedure of the Agreement

5.1. This Agreement is a contract. The website administration reserves the right to change this contract and to introduce a new one. Such changes take effect from the moment they are posted on the website. When the User continues to use the website after the change of the Agreement, it automatically means the acceptance of changes.

5.2. This Agreement enters into force upon the first visit of the website by the User, and is valid between the User and the Company throughout the period of use of the website.

5.3. The website is the subject of the intellectual property rights of the website administration. All exclusive proprietary rights to the website belong to the website administration. The use of the website is possible strictly within the framework of the Agreement and the legislation of Ukraine on intellectual property rights.

5.4. All trademarks and names referred to in the materials of this website are the property of their respective owners.

5.5. The User agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, or copy any part of the website, except in cases where such permission is given to the User by the website administration.

5.6. This Agreement is regulated and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Questions not regulated by the Agreement are subject to resolution in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.