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    New collection «Way home»

    Baffled by the war, scattered all over the world… This is the new reality that turned our lives upside down and forced millions of fellow citizens to flee to foreign lands. But the irresistible desire to return the family to the home prompts our defenders to fight for freedom at the cost of their own lives. Home is the place our soul yearns for, to which we are drawn by an unknown force. No matter where life takes us, our thoughts are forever tied to the land where everything evokes warm memories.

    Without any hesitation, we have created a collection that conveys our unique kinship, extraordinary fortitude, and devotion to our country! Each shirt, dress, blouse is a breath of freedom and lightness. Linen fabrics envelop the body with a gentle touch of weightlessness, deepening us into happy memories. The symbolism of yellow and blue colors represents the spirit of invincibility and irresistible desire to keep our unique identity. Meanwhile geometric embroidery embodies overcoming difficulties on the way to a peaceful life. Our inspiration is your heroism, loyalty to the country and confidence in victory! Together we will overcome everything, together we are Ukraine!